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Mubarak steps down under rays of Jan 2011 Solar Eclipse!

Mubarak Steps Down: World’s Grandest Party Erupts in Egypt!

by Jude Cowell

Much of my posting these days has been on my Political Astrology blog, Stars Over Washington, yet I want to mention here the predictive eclipse work of expert astrologer Celeste Teal (Moon Valley Astrologer) within the context of the amazing 18-Day Revolution in Egypt which has, a few hours ago, forced the step down of dictator and President Hosni Mubarak.

First my happy congratulations to the good people of Egypt! May the processes now set in motion result in your independence from despotic rulership and may well-deserved social justice finally be yours.

Celeste Teal’s predictions are found in her book Eclipses: Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation and I must say, the book lives up to its title.

January 4, 2011 brought the world a Solar Eclipse @ 13Cap39 (in 2nd house when set for Washington DC at a crisiscritical degree; 13 North Series); she titles the eclipse: “The Balance of Power”!

(For doubters of Astrology I add that her book was published in 2006.)

Quoting in part from Ms. Teal’s analysis of the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, sign of government (authority), law, and business:

“…potential for a central event having wide-range impact; eclipse in degree of Fixed Star Manubrium = flaring heat. A turbulent spirit against those in high places. For USA, eclipse falls over the Sun: US adminstration and government crucially linked to larger world affairs. There is potentially powerful opposition to overcome. For the US, eclipse in 2nd H of earning power and expenditures: obstacles, legislative delays; trade (Suez Canal? jc) and labor restricted. Emphasis for NYC, NYSE, the UN, Phoenix, Japan, Russia, and the US.”


History is occurring before our very eyes as Egypt throws off her oppressive shackles and the Egyptian military takes over the reigns of power at least until elections in September 2011. Jubilance and celebration have overtaken this ancient land!

Now here are a few links to previous posts (including this morning as I heard the glad tidings on LINK TV bwo al Jazeera News, and later, the excellent reporting of Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman.

Joy in Egypt as Mubarak Steps Down Feb 11, 2011 (contains image of Hosni Mubarak’s natal horoscope with last evening’s transits: Saturn Rx 17Lib01 conjunct Mc);

Egypt’s progressed chart Jan 2011 with a YOD pattern of crisis and a turning point which points toward the Moon (the people); contains images of Egypt’s 1922 and 1953 natal charts;

New and Full Moons of February 2011 (contains image of New Moon chart of Feb 2 ’14AQ” and brief details on the upcoming Full Moon of February 18th @ 29Leo20, conjoining a Fixed Star which links to Egypt and the Middle East: Regulus);

2011 brings 4 Solar and 2 Lunar Eclipses (shows horsocope of the Jan 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse set for DC with details on other 2011 eclipses, and lots of other details as well.)

So will the success of Egypt’s 18-Day Revolution affect positively the dire conditions in the region due to the siege of Gaza? Is America’s use of the Suez Canal now in danger of blockage along with other strategic and political problems?

The implications are mulitple and unknown at this early juncture yet setting aside the corporate interests of the West for a moment, the interests of the people of Egypt must be lifted above all other considerations today in honor of a grand and astounding accomplishment.

Power to the People!

Now if we can just get back some of that People Power in plutocrat-ruled America.

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