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Reaganomics Eclipse 1981

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Reaganomics Eclipse 1981 in DC

Solar Eclipse @ 7Leo51, July 30, 1981, White House, 11:51:56 pm edt.

Known as the “Reaganomics” Eclipse, you see that this Eclipse is from the same Series (1 North) as the “Mother of All Eclipses” of *Aug 11, 1999 (18Leo) which began the New Millennium. As you know, vengeful Venus triggered this degree on the morning of Sept 11, 2001.

Brady’s ‘Predictive Astrology‘ gives this Series’ key-phrases as:

unexpected events put great pressure on personal relationships; avoid hasty decisions because information is distorted and possibly false; essence of tiredness or health problems.

“Distorted or false” info–ya think? Politicians are rolling in clover on this one, aren’t they? So is Wall Street and a few other entities one could name, but one won’t.

As you see, besides being on the Pluto-Chiron midpoint (plutocracy; oppression; corporatism; racism; disenfranchisementisms) this Eclipse occurred upon George Bush’s natal Ascendant, and I’ve highlighted a few other placements of note from Bush’s natal chart and from the chart of Dick Wheeler-Dealer Cheney.

This Eclipse’s degree and Bush’s natal ASC: “8Leo” = “A Bolshevik propagandist.”

Four days prior (July 24) was the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 4Lib56 (third conj of three:

1. Dec 31, 1980; 2. March 3, 1980.) The Great Conjunction which begins the 20-year cycle of these societal planets makes this Eclipse even more applicable to the US economy, to politics, and to society in general, and is akin to a New Moon of Jupiter and Saturn–in Air in 1981, relating to ‘plans’ and concepts.

Their conj is atop Bush 43’s natal Neptune so we have this picture….

Jupiter-Saturn = Neptune: not knowing which master to follow; bewilderment; begrudging other people’s good fortune; hard work without success (Bush’s many business failures prior to Karl Rove taking hold of ‘im for political packaging); feeling abandoned; losses; damage to buildings by force majeur; war. (Hmmmm…speaks for itself, imho. Using Tyl and Ebertin midpoints, as usual.)

As an umbral Eclipse it was almost Total and occurred a mere 2 days after Congress passed “Reaganomics” which resulted in the 80s being termed the “decade of greed.”

William McKinley, the first conservative Republican president, instituted Wall-Street-friendly policies in 1897 which promised a “full dinner pail” for all Americans. No “chicken in every pot” but it must’ve sounded good enough at the time. In 1981, this Eclipse marked the passing of one Uranus cycle from McKinley’s time–in other words, a Uranus Return (84 year cycle.)

Back in 1981, “supply side” economics sounded good to many people, too, especially the ones who planned to super-concentrate wealth at the top of the hourglass. You see in 2008 how that’s been steamrolling along, don’t you?

“Supply side” promised that if taxes and regulations were removed from business, it would prosper and so would all underlings. The plan of Reagan’s presidency was to increase military spending (as in, military industrial complex), reduce taxes on the rich, and balance the budget with the resulting prosperity.

Sound familiar? 

However, if the “trickle down” effect ever works at all, it would be because US companies actually INVEST in America and in jobs for Americans–a fact that they well know, but obviously don’t care a fig about.

Ahh, the 80s…

Yes, I remember those days–comedian Rich Little, a great presidential impersonator of the time–said that for the plan to work, they’d have to keep two sets of books. Funny, but two sets of books must have been–and still are–necessarily part of such nakedly grasping plans.

And what a hoot! Reagan’s primary election challenger, George H.W. Bush–called it “voodoo” economics, as Ben Stein well knows, and the results were a tripling of the national debt.

Yet this was–and I believe is, in 2008–extremely convenient for the so-called conservative agenda because bankrupting the nation makes the social programs of FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society unaffordable. Sound familiar?

The only thing we seem to be missing these days is that we don’t hear so often the slogan, “government IS the problem” so the “war on terror” (aka the “war of terror”) has been useful for justifying the increasing size of government, with boondoggled billions of US taxpayers’ money pilfered on every front and down so many rabbit-holes, it’s tough to keep up. And as you know, our personal freedoms are under attack, too.

Hey, George and Dick: where’d the money go? A: we don’t know!

Yet social network programs are called “entitlements” while corporate socialism is “progress.” Even the current housing subprime meltdown will end up upon the backs of the US taxpaying public, while its miscreants retire in luxury with pensions intact and offshore accounts fattened and unruffled.

Bush’s touted “ownership society” has turned sour yet he acts as if his hands are spotless! Hopefully he himself will be evicted as of Jan 20, 2009.

The decade of the 80s, which this Eclipse christened with a golden elite champagne bottle, contained illusionary “prosperity” when corporations took huge tax deductions on their junk bond interest and this in turn financed risky corporate mergers (similar to borrowing on margin), making factory closings and layoffs (later called, “downsizing” and later, “outsourcing”) an integral part of their plan–and everything was made easier for them by “free trade” agreements a la political enablers, lobbyists, and one-world-government promoters.

When some of these corporations eventually went broke (on paper at least) as did the banks that “financed” them (thanks to deregulation of the banking industry–thanks, Congress for socializing what was really private debt…”corporate entitlement”)–the bill was handed to the taxpayer who ponied up the way we’re about to do on the current sub-prime housing market scam.

Yes, this is the Eclipse of yesteryear’s “corporate raider” who may lurk in the shadows of Wall Street still, pockets fully lined, and calling his favorite Senator or congressman/woman to meet for a drink…pour the chilled champagne all around, for the American public has been royally shafted again and the Reaganomics Eclipse is a gift that just keeps on giving–but only to the “right” people.

Now which 2008 presidential candidate purports to be Reagan-come-again? If they really are, I’d try to keep it hidden as long as possible.

If you enlarge the Eclipse chart, I hope you can see the YOD (Finger of God pattern = special purpose; crisis; turning point) between generational planets Neptune and Pluto (the Robber Baron duo), and pointing toward wounded Chiron which happens to be at 22Tau29, the degree of May 28, 2000’s Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (in Earth, element of manifestation.)

Neptune-Pluto = Jupiter: sectarians; religiousness; success in metaphysical research; high degree of perception; feeling at one with the way things should be; improving one’s mental state by neglecting others (a plank in the GOP platform against ‘entitlement programs’?); social or political pressures; expanded desires for a better future.

Neptune-Pluto = Saturn: torment; weakness; emotional suffering; pessimism; a gradual decline of one’s powers; dark forebodings; bringing a sense of grim reality and discipline to efforts that undertake to alter old habit patterns and begin anew.

(Midpoints: any, all, or none may apply and are subject to transits and progressions; sources: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; updated May 7, 2011.)


*Aug 11, 1999 Eclipse aka “The King of Alarm” Eclipse predicted to be a doozy by Nostradamus centuries ago–sometimes translated from the Old French as “King of Terror” Eclipse. This relates to Revelation’s prophecy of the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Angel (mid-degrees of the Fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Sorry to mention it, but it’s true, and marks when the angels let go the four corners of the winds of strife and war, as we’re now – and will be – experiencing.)

Written by Jude Cowell

February 28, 2008 at 1:26 am

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