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Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012

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Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012

Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012

Here you see the chart for the end of the Mayan Calendar everyone is wondering about, set for the White House, Washington DC – December 21, 2012, Sun 00Cap00:00, 6:11:21 am est.

Occurring during a Mars Hour, the Sun at 00Cap00 is at one of the four World Points where globally significant events tend to manifest, if they will. Moon 14Ari14 added to a Capricorn Sun gives this Earth-Fire blend a willful and magnetic quality where goals take on a larger-than-life importance and there’s a tendency to ride roughshod over others.

This combo can be a “sore loser” and yet has much courage, dignity, and organizational skills. It is shared natally by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, who intoned: “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility in the realm of faith and morals.”

According to the ancient and astrologically sophisticated Mayans, Venus is supposed to be intimately involved in this time period when there may be a paradigm shift of some kind – possibly with earth shifts and changes of the quaking persuasion.

Rising is Fixed Star Antares (‘anti-Ares’, the alpha star of Scorpius; keyphrase: ‘the need to avoid obsession’) with Venus 6Sag35 just having arisen as the Sun reaches the 00:00:00 point of the zodiac.

Sun rises with Altair, a Fixed Star which is the alpha star of the Aquila (the Eagle) constellation, keyphrase: ‘boldness and determination’ (star info and lore from ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’.) 

Altair is also connected to caring and human relationships, and an ability to achieve by taking risks with dogged determination. It is a masculine star of action and strength of the eagle, but this quest is not only for itself, but is also for others.

Natally, Altair is linked to the natal charts of Leonardo da Vinci (Saturn), John Lennon (Sun), and Jules Verne (Moon.)

You see my usual chicken-scratch notes on the chart with a YOD pattern (‘Finger of God’ indicating a crisis, or a special task or purpose) marked in pink with Rx Jupiter 8Gem54 as apex planet being “pointed to” by a sextile between Saturn 8Sco40 (conj US natal ASC, the Scorpio rising version) and Pluto 8Cap57. There is a fated flavor here with all three planets being in the same ‘8th’ degree, and of course a YOD in itself may be considered fated or karmic as well.

A midpoint picture is thus created and may be worth consideration:

Saturn/Pluto = Jupiter: adoption of the austere; trouble with authority; staying out of trouble; trying to save what’s left. (Tyl.)

Not very comforting, is it?

Ebertin gives this picture as: plainness and simplicity; self-sacrifice; religious and social fanaticism; difficulties cause through illness; excessive modesty.

Ring any bells with you? Some of these things we’ve already seen, particularly concerning the attacks of 9/11/01 – which many people have thought of as a paradigm shift for the New Millennium.

In his book, ‘Dynamics of Aspect Analysis’, Bil Tierney gives apex Jupiter in YOD formation as:

broadening social vision, an expansion of consciousness, and enrichment of moral development.

(This seems to support those who view this time period with its Winter Solstice as indicative of these sorts of issues, a sort of ‘kumbaya uplift’ on the path for all mankind.)

Well, that would be wonderful, but one mustn’t ignore the lava-filled earth’s obvious turmoil which has been heating up for years now – I’m writing this on August 7, 2008 – so that the consequences of the Mayan-touted Venus cycle, if any marked results should occur in 2012, remain to be seen. I now return you to Bil Tierney and apex Jupiter which, you may notice, is conjunct asteroids MIDA$ and Pan, a trickster element – all in dualistic, duplicitous Gemini but with a Capricorn flavor – now hosting Mars which is exalted in earthy Capricorn.)

This chart-ruling apex Jupiter in a YOD formation yearns for inspiration and mental freedom to put his faith in something workable. Not finding this in the external world, he is forced to turn inward (and Jup is Rx here, also internal) and much questioning ensues. Intellectual adjustments must be made while abstract matters are pondered, with increased receptivity to all new theories and probabilities.

However, as we might expect, daily life’s details go begging for attention because such deep inner focus has a disorganizing effect externally. 

Procrastination, poor judgment, and overreaching are common with this Jupiterian configuration so that proper timing, patience, and common sense are required for its best use. A formerly held belief or ideology may be dropped during this period as an alternate world view aligns more fully with our inner spirits. A new level of awareness is indicated so that benevolence, tolerance, and unselfishness may lead to great benefits.

Broadcasting of abstract concepts may be used in order to stimulate mass consciousness in the social sphere, which puts me in mind of a satellite beaming messages worldwide – kind of an Orwellian propagandistic approach as a new course of direction for humankind.

(See above quote from Schweitzer – is this part of the message to be broadcast? His words sound reasonable until you realize that it’s a way for neocon, totalitarian types with a  “you’re on your own” mentality to justify their coldheartedness toward their fellow man – they have theirs, get yours, if you can, with Charity fallen by the wayside…”faith” and “morals” indeed!)

This apex Jupiter also contains a vision of a ‘pilgrimmage’ of some sort being within the broad picture – which hopefully won’t bring toilsome mass migrations.

Whether there’s mass movement of the human variety or not, a strong impact upon the collective will be felt with fateful consequences esp if the impact is motivated by Jupiterian self-aggrandizement and a sense of Jupiter’s self-righteousness.

So will a new and powerful guru arise? A false prophet? A charismatic figure does seem to be indicated here, perhaps even from the political world – ugh! Or will Christ’s Second Return shortly appear on the world’s menu?

Ahh, but no man knows the hour of His Coming! Certainly not THIS reluctant astrologer! Remaining watchful is the best advice – counsel which is freely found in Scripture, if your heart is open to it.

…to be cont’d at some point prior to Dec 21, 2012….


And meanwhile, if you’d prefer a slightly more mystical flavor to this subject, mosey yourself over to:


Written by Jude Cowell

August 8, 2008 at 12:32 am

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  1. In regard to your Winter Solstice 12.21.2012,
    I was just rereading it in light of Obama’s first term ending and perhaps his second term decided in Dec. 2012.

    As per Dr. Albert Schweitzer,
    “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment, and learn again to exercise his will – his personal responsibility in the realm of faith and morals.” This sounds like part of Obama’s inauguration speech for his first term. Do you see this chart as one to usher in a second term for him?
    It would be appropriate if there are natural disasters, too.

    Also, have you noticed folks inclination to use his first and last name when referring to him, maybe it’s just early days but does President Obama sound stronger. like President Kennedy, President Johnson, President Roosevelt? Or will it be like Abe Lincoln, Ike Eisenhower, George W. Bush
    (like an assassin’s three name handle). I only ask because when I listen to the news on cable or radio (NPR) there seems to be such intention with saying BAR ACK O-BAMA. Odd I know, it’s just getting on my nerves, like they are related to him, own him or exalt him.



    January 24, 2009 at 5:40 pm

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