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Democratic Convention Aug 25 – 28 2008

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Democratic Convention 2008

Democratic Convention 2008

Here are two charts which I’m using to symbolize the start and finish of the August 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO, where, it is assumed, Senator Barack Obama will become the official nominee for president of the Democratic Party.

Since I don’t have any exact times of speeches or other events during the four days, I decided to use these charts for sunrise Aug 25 (upper right), and midnight Aug 28 (lower left)…to symbolically represesent the entire Dem Convention and its nominating process.

As you see Mercury, planet of speeches and oration, writing, communication, commerce, trade, and often the ‘trickster at the crossroads’ is chart-ruler–first bwo hardworking, dedicated Virgo, and ending with eternally youthful, detail-oriented, chatty Gemini.

Beginning August 25 with an out-of-bounds Moon whose Hour it is, we may expect change to be a theme throughout this large ‘tent-meeting’ and we see that the Moon 22Gem56 is in 10th house of Public Status/Career. And obviously the Moon’s publicity function will be in high gear and she’ll be back in bounds of the earthly plane before the Convention ends and the public begins to pay more attention to the goings-on.

The Moon reaches 00Can00:00 (conjunct the natal ASC of moon-faced Hillary Clinton, I assert!) on August 25 at 6:18:30 pm MDT. ’00Cancer’ is one of the four World Point of fame and prominence (00Ari/Lib; 00Can/Cap) so it’s, Hello, World!

Sun 2Vir40 ushers Dem-significator Saturn 10Vir43 (still in orb of stomping on George Bush’s natal Mars–ouch! and conj Bush Sr’s natal ASC–another ouch! Jr may catch a cold in his snoot with this transit and Poppy may have reason to regret his past) and Venus 23Vir445 is snuggling with chart-ruler Mercury. The Merc/Venus combo indicates well-crafted writings and speeches, so that’s good for our tired ears.

If I had to guess the order if speakers based on these planets rising, I’d say: first an older Democrat (Kennedy?) will speak, then Lady Venus (Hillary?), then Barack Obama…others will speak in between, of course, but I’ll be watching to see if they follow this order (just for a bit of astrological fun.)

Still, there’s something restrictive about Saturn in 1st house, isn’t there? But perhaps not so much as long as the seriousness of Saturn’s ‘take responsibility’ function is honored. And Senator Kennedy’s recent health crisis is restrictive to say the least. Personally I hope he’s up to attending whether he speechifies or not.

(Hopefully this is only a side note: Aug 25’s Sun and sunrise ASC = Dick Cheney’s natal ASC.)

Chart-ruler Mercury’s applying (waxing) aspects for the day are:

1. square Moon (0A49); and 2. square Pluto (3A41.) This aspect structure involves these planets in some planetary patterns so as you see, I’ve marked the T-squares, one in green and one in red…

Publicity-minded Moon/Pluto  = Mercury: strategizing; planning; conceptualizing; the power of persuasion; far-reaching plans; the gift to wield a powerful influence upon the larger public bwo speeches and writings.

Moon/Pluto = Venus: strong feelings; vivid powers of expression; anything that’s need fulfilling.

Mercury/Uranus = Moon: valid instincts about the situation; logical thinking; quick mood changes; emotional excitability.

You see I’ve marked a few of Obama’s natal planets around the outside and if the charts aren’t too messily notated, you can spy them:

The ongoing connection between BHO’s natal Mars and US natal Neptune (‘rockstar status’; energizing US idealism) is there with transit Uranus opposing the pair so we may consider this midpoint picture as long as Uranus is around 22 Pisces:

Mars/Neptune = Uranus: changing energy levels; life crisis; energetically following one’s personal dream; reaching for ‘pie in the sky’ (Tyl; Ebertin.) As usual, it’s: ‘any, all, or none may apply.’

Mile High Pie in the Sky, it seems!

In 10th house we see that transit Pallas (strategy) is conjunct Midas (Midas’ daughter?) and we know that Obama’s fundraising ability has been greatly touted, fairly or unfairly. But it seems that gold loving King Midas is on board with the Dem strategy – and they only become closer as the Convention closes (see lower chart image for Aug 28 – 12th house, with Vesta 14Tau24 conjunct US Inaugural ASC, the office of the president.)

Today I’ll give the midpoint pictures for Aug 25 and plan to complete this *Page as the Dem Convention approaches. For both Aug 25 and Aug 28 two midpt pics stay the same and they are…

Jupiter/Uranus = NN: sharing hope with others; striving with others for a common purpose. (Ebertin gives the Social Correspondence of Jup/Uranus as: fortune hunters, adventurers, organizers and inventors.)

Mars/Uranus = Pluto: force; a Higher Power; violent intervention; a big shock. (Ebertin on Mars/Uranus = freedom fighters, violent people, revolutionaries…Tyl says: intense self-awareness; application of great energy; dominant will; tremendous urge to action; a test of nerves.)

Sunrise August 25: Jup/MC = Uranus: optimism; good fortune with new endeavors; the ability to utilize the right moment; recognition and success.

And for Obama, it’s:

 Jup/MC = n Mars: clarity of life purpose or objectives; successful cooperation; making success happen; creating one’s own opportunities; being inspired.

Yet a fly in the rockstar ointment may be described by…

Jup/MC = US n Neptune: luck established upon a weak basis; temporary good fortune; disappointments; anger…

…(I have made the point here and elsewhere that the American people are due for disappointment from WhoEver gains the Oval Office…tr Saturn will be conj US n Neptune during the new administration, a time of facing grim realities…long overdue, imho. Of course, it greatly helps to be told the truth about grim realities before you can honestly face them and deal with them, doesn’t it?)

With August 25’s Mercury barely beyond conj with US natal Neptune, however, truth and facts will be slippery just prior to the Convention, so look for the usual obfuscations, political trickeries,  and tiresome smokescreens of the D vs R variety.

Now here are a few of the Sun Vir/Moon Gem details for this rational and productive Earth/Air combo which brings abstract thought down to earth…

Refined but with practical common sense; a lover of words (uh oh!); cool and debonair (wonder who?); logical and reasonable; conscientious; an excellent communicator, analyst, journalist, teacher, linguist, and writer.

Weaknesses: over-intellectual and critical; can get side-tracked and swamped with too much disparate information; tendency toward worrisome fretting.

Images for Integration of Sun (conscious mind) and Moon (unconscious)…

“A precision engineer develops new methods of communication…A raconteur potters in his garden.” (‘Sun Sign-Moon Sign,’ Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

to be cont’d…

*that’s why I like WordPress ‘Pages’ – they’re easy to locate for later updating!

Written by Jude Cowell

July 9, 2008 at 8:36 pm

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